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Police Station Helpline Turbat


Levies Headquarter: 

0852 412286

Fire brigade helpline Kech

0322 2335554/0342 2794433

Ambulance helpline Kech


Civil Hospital Turbat Helpline


Superintendent Office DPO 0852-413333
DPO Home 0852-413304
Police Thana Turbat 0852-412222
DC Office Turbat 0852-411282
DC House 0852-411136
Levies HQ 0852-412286
AC Turbat 0852-414293
ADC Turbat 0852-411446
Commissioner Office 0852-413244
Tehsildar Turbat 0852- 412693
Police Thana Turbat 0852-412222
Khuddan Thana Dasht 0852-413214