Health makes a vital and foremost contribution to economic growth, as healthy populations live longer and are more vibrant and productive. Efficient public health systems are crucial for providing care to the sick, and for instituting procedures that endorse wellness and prevent disease. Poor health contributes to poverty due to the catastrophic costs of illness and diminishes learning capacity during Childhood and learning ability during adulthood. Population of district Kech is as; Geowth Rate 3.7 % Annual.

Health Facilities

Kech District has a District Headquarter (DHQ) Teaching Hospital attached with Makran Medical College situated in Turbat City. Others Health Facilities in District Kech areas

District Kech

  1. DHO Kech Dr.Abdul Lateef 03218623955
  2. Deputy District Health Officer Dr. Rashida Malik
  3. ADHO Buleda Dr Bohair Akhtar 03151818257
  4. ADHO Dasht Dr. Malook Jan
  5. MS Teaching Hospital Turbat Dr. Tariq Saki 0852-412661
Mekran Medical Collage
Teaching Hospital 01
Rural Health Centers 17
Basic Health Units 38
Civil Dispensaries 41
MCH Centers 04
Leprosy Center 01
FPAP (Family Planning Center) 01
FPAP (Family Planning Center) 01
Private Medical Centers/ Clinics 14
TB Clinic 01
HIV/Aids/ ARV Treatment Center 01