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PDMA Balochistan has decentralise its responsibilities further to divisional level. Makran zone has been established since Oct,2019 and it has been working in Makran zone. It has established its offices in Gwadar and Turbat. PDMA Makran has worked on flood in Gwadar, Kech, Panjgur. During and aftermath of cyclone KYAR it has performed its duties in terms of relief and rescue. PDMA Makran Zone is working in close coordination with district administration in Makran region. It has prepared monsoon contingency plan for Makran and moreover, working on Ganz relocation project.


The vision of the preparation of District Disaster Risk Management Plan is to support the operation system of PDMA Makran, DDMA and also develop disaster risk management approaches involving all local resources and having departmental cooperation to reduce the life, property and infrastructure losses in the district.


PDMA Makran, Kech district government, with the support of federal and provincial governments, making all possible efforts to make secure and safe the district population from all types of human and material losses caused by the disasters. The district government and PDMA working hard to make functional the infrastructure and restores the livelihood of the people in the areas where disasters hit. PDMA Makran with the support of Kech district administration ensures the incorporation of disaster risk reduction in its development programs.


The hottest month when mercury shoots up to 51 c. Winter season lasts from December to February with January as the coldest month, having maximum temperature almost at 10 C. in winter the north and north-east wind (GOREECH) is chilling Siberian winds. Due to climatic changes all over the world, the pattern and scarcity of rains have been changed. The Monsoon rains play havoc almost after every decade in District Kech. It is necessary to take all precautionary possible measures well in time to avoid loss of life and property keeping in view the past experience of floods.



Name of Place/Town/Gauge station Dated Time Rainfall
(in mm)
Turbat 11-1-2020 10.30 PM to 12.0 PM 22.1 Moderate
Turbat 12-1-2020 12:30 PM to 6:0 AM 30.0 -
Hoshab 12-1-2020 12.15 PM to 8.30 PM 45 -
Buleda 11-1-2020 11.10 PM to 12.0 PM 28 -
Buleda 12-1-2020 12.30 PM to 4.0 Am 40 -
Mand 11-1-2020 4.40 pM to 12.0 AM 50 -
Mand 12-1-2020 12.10 PM to 3.0 Am 15.0 -
Dasht 11-1-2020 9.30 PM to 11.45 PM 15.0 -

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